Selected Scenes…(with English subtitles)

Francesco is performed in Italian but playback with English subtitles is optional on the DVD.


We have included the credits of the major creative talents which brought Franceso (il Musical) to the stage. With the credits is the music of the “Brothers Canto” which opens the stage production.

The Party

The Party scene depicts Francesco as was in youth: a well-born, wealthy, aristocratic gentleman and warrior of Assisi. The scene depicts the evening before the Battle of Perugia and the aristocratic class of Assisi is gathered for high celebration.


The Poverty scene represents the crucible of Francesco’s conversion. Francesco’s mind is fraught between his life as an aristocrat and warrior and his calling to abandon that life and all its comforts and pleasures for a greater one which promises infinite service and hardship.


The Nativity scene represents the brothers of Francesco’s order and the sisters of Chiara’s order, when the orders were newly formed. And how better to represent them than through Francesco’s invention of the depiction of the Nativity, when another new order entered the world.

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